The Pro and Cons of the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silva is a simple, reliable and robust espresso machine that sets itself apart regarding quality and performance. If you are looking for the best coffee grinders – coffee-heroes.com then read on. There is a lot to love about the machine but just like any other product, it has a few downfalls.



Quality and Attractive Construction: The Rancilio Espresso Machine features housing constructed from brushed Rancilio Espresso Machinestainless steel with brass components that make it look great in any kitchen. The materials used to ensure even distribution of heat and water to deliver consistent espresso extraction.

Its countertop footprint is small leaving adequate working space in front of the machine. Also included is a stylish improved commercial-grade steam wand that spins on a ball joint. The machine can generate adequate steam for milk frothing and boiling water to the right temperature.

3-way Solenoid Valve: The pressure release system makes use of a 3-way solenoid valve that makes cleaning easy by reducing splatter and post-brew drip.

Easy Temperature Control

The machine’s steam power is ideal for producing nice micro foam. However, it is necessary to release the system by opening the steam valve to let condensation out before putting the wand into the milk. There are three thermostats included to monitor the espresso, steam and boiler heat to prevent overheating and allow for excellent espresso extraction.

Quiet Operation: Included on the machine are rubber feet with vibration-suppressing abilities to reduce any vibrations from the pump. The noise level of the machine does not go beyond 70dB.

Convenient Attachments: There is a detachable water reservoir, and two filter baskets included with the machine. The reservoir holds up to 67 Oz and is easy to clean and care for. The heavy duty pump forces water from the reservoir through the ground coffee and directs to full flavor extraction. The filter baskets are made from stainless steel and measure 58mm in diameter. Cons

No Programming Capabilities: Rancilio Espresso machine does not have any programming features except for the proportional integral derivative electronic controller which is optional to install. The PID helps control temperature consistency on the machine.

Additional Cost for a Good Grinder

espresso Many users complain that Rancilio’s grinder gets fussy when not properly handled. One needs to exercise caution during preparation to get the best results. Another troubling aspect is that to brew enough espressos, you have to get a high-quality burr. Investing in a good burr grinder means an additional expense aide from that of the espresso machine.

Difficult to Operate: Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine can be tricky to operate, especially for those that are challenged to operate any machines. It takes a while before one gets used to the functions and controls. However, a free online tutorial is available to help out users.