Earth Day

Who Is The Founder Of Earth Day

Who Is The Founder Of Earth Day (3)

Every year on the 22nd of April, Earth Day is celebrated.

It is a reflection on the need to conserve the environment in order to save lives.

One thing that baffles many is the fact that some people have no idea how this day came about – who is the founder of Earth Day? The following is a detailed explanation for you.

  • How the idea came by

Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin is known as the founder of this important day because it was him who came up with the idea.

He was devastated by the effects of the massive oil spills that had affected large parts of Santa Barbara, California in 1969.

He, therefore, was determined to use everything at his disposal to change the situation and protect the environment. He particularly capitalized on the inspiration of the student anti-war movements to foster public consciousness about water and air pollution.

  • Americans took to the streets

After the efforts made by the senator when he spread his agenda through the media, millions of Americans were inspired and to take to the streets to demand for a cleaner environment.

The rallies that ran from coast-to-coast were so powerful that the governments had no option but to listen to the cry of the people.

At this point, all the small groups that had been fighting against the oil spills had come tougher and they had formed a big force.

  • The political alignment

One thing that cannot be forgotten about Earth Day 1970 is the way that it took a rare political alignment.Who Is The Founder Of Earth Day (2)

It is the only course that got support from all quarters.

Democrats and republicans alike took to the forefront to advocate for a clean environment. Both the poor and the rich were united under this course and so, that is how this day came into being.

Most notably, by the end of that year, the government has put in place an environmental protection agency to ensure that pupation is minimized.

The clean air, clean water and endangered species act was passed too paving way for major reforms.

Today, Earth Day has taken a wider scope than that which led to its formation.

Modern environmental challenges have seen the day focus on other factors such as global warming.

The push for the use of green energy is also top on the agenda and the funding has increased immensely.

There is no doubt that a lot of gains have been made.