What You Need to Know About Church Check-in Systems for Kids

kids playing in churchChecking in your kids when you go to church can be quite stressful at times. It can take considerable time, especially for big churches with many members.  That will ensure the members get in on time for the service. A few basic things to know about check-in systems for kids are highlighted below.

Check-in Systems Can Inspire Confidence

By installing a check-in system, parents will feel a lot more confident in attending your church with their children. That is more of the case for new visitors who do not yet feel very comfortable leaving their kids in the Sunday school area. That is because they will know their kids will be kept safe and will not be released to anyone else who does not have complete approval. Just having the system itself is a good indication that the church does take all the measures and precautions to ensure that kids remain safe.

The Check-In System Can Double Up As a Register

The check-in system can build a register automatically as children are checked-in. Any authorized person can then access the register quite easily. It can be used in the event of an emergency, as it will always be updated and ready to go. It can also work as a roll call, allowing you to identify the families that have not shown up in church for a while so that you can follow up with them.

Using Barcodes Makes the Check-In Process Faster

The less human interaction is required, the faster the process will be. For that reason, using barcodes is among the quickest ways for checking in children in the church. It takes minimal time to scan the code and complete the process, ensuring that parents will not have to line up as they check-in their children. The barcodes are also very secure. They are unique to each child or an entire family.

The Check-in Systems Do Not Need Internet Connection

Some churches are located in areas where there is no stable internet connection. For that reason, the check-in systems are usually designed to be able to work offline quite effectively. However, you may not utilize some features without an internet connection, such as cloud storage.