The Relevance of Audio-Video Systems in Schools

The opening of classes is again around the corner. School children will be going to school despite the threat of the global health crisis. But even then, we should keep our fingers crossed that health protocols will be strictly implemented in schools to eliminate the chances of children getting sick from the life-threatening illness. The education of our children is just too important to forego.

While social distancing is a basic health protocol to follow this pandemic, it may seem difficult to impose in schools. One thing that may be of big help is for the school to have an excellent audio-video system. With a superior audio-video system, a student may see through wider and clearer screens and listen to an audible and well-modulated system even if seated at a chair placed far from the screen to maintain social distancing. If every school has this technology, there should be less worry from parents.

But while we may not expect all schools to have this technology for now. It should be included in their short term plans. This pandemic does not seem to go away very soon, and it helps to be cautious until we have a truly effective vaccine against the coronavirus.

Learning Is Enhanced

School children today are luckier because of the new technology that is used to enhance learning. Before, teachers have only a blackboard and chalk to teach in the classroom. Today audio video is widely used. According to studies, a child’s learning ability is enhanced when audiovisuals are used, and this must be because more senses are used to handle the information thrown to a student.

Studying Is More Entertaining

One of the reasons for absenteeism is boredom from usual classroom activities. With the use of audio-video, a student can be entertained by more colorful presentations. When entertainment is injected through videos, it will make a better presentation that facilitates learning. This makes it more fun for young children to go to school.

Extracurricular Activities is Encouraged

Having an audio-video system that can be used for school activities is essential. When in school programs or other events like weddings, product launches, and church activities, the audio-video system is an important factor that determines the failure or success of an activity.

Such an audio-video system in schools can be used during graduation, intramurals, junior and senior prom, and other school events that require all students to participate.


Features A Virtual Receptionist

Choosing the right live virtual receptionist, it’s not an easy thing; it’s a tricky process if you don’t know what to look. After all, you’ll be surrounded with tons of ideas that sound good, but they don’t have substance. So how do you distinguish between the good ones from all? If you have an idea of what to look for, you won’t be easy to fool. San Francisco Bay Area telephone answering service is one of the great service when it comes to a virtual receptionist. Let us look at some features of a virtual receptionist to look for and to keep an eye out.


Live call answering

call usLive call answering should be the priority on your list but not be confused with automated ‘call answering’. Many customers tend to hang-up immediately when they notice that’s it’s not a real person on the other line on the other end. And since a hang-up does not convert to sales this make you lose customers.

Basic customer service

Basic customer service must be one that’s relevant to your callers, of all the virtual receptionist features. When someone calls to inquire about anything a virtual receptionist is entitled to have all the information to keep the guest moving through the sales funnel.

Customize call handling

As the virtual receptionist ensure that the caller receives all the information they require, providers should be able to customize how your call are received and handled. It’s not the same ways that you treat staff members is the same way you would treat customers that calls to inquire over the phone, so different methods are so necessary. Perhaps you like the customer to be told more about your business or the virtual receptionist to mention the promotions when they greet the caller.

Returning calls on your behalf

Every business owner goes through the tiresome and dull moment of sitting down at the end of the day and making endless return calls, and this is not fun. One of the helpful thing of having a virtual receptionist feature to look for is the one who’s able to make return calls on your behalf. Making return calls save you a lot of time and effort to work on some important things.

Appointment booking and scheduling

No matter your industry, a virtual receptionist should be able to handle appointment booking and scheduling of meeting for you. The appointments can be yours to attend and also customers that made arrangements to meet you.

Appointment reminders

callA missed appointment cannot be good for business since investors can rate you as someone who’s not a reliable person. One of the feature of a virtual receptionist to look for is someone that includes sending out appointments reminders. Appointment reminders reduce no show-up.