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Top Causes of Fires in Vehicles

Even though there have been technological advancements in the automotive industry, modern vehicles are not fire-proof. It does not matter their design or construction. It is advisable to look at various parts of your vehicle and check those that can catch fire easily. Therefore, you should have element fire extinguisher in your car at all times. The following are some of the major causes of fires in vehicles.

Fuel Leakages

You should note that leaking fuel can easily cause a fire. Traditional cars have carburetors and can catch fire if the gaskets are worn out. Ideally, modern cars have advanced fuel injectors with O-rings. However, these deteriorate as the vehicle is used, resulting in fires. There are different ways you can use to put off those fires.

Electric Shorts

car burningAnother reason for vehicular fires is electrical shorting. In this case, a short circuit overheats the wires. Ideally, the extreme heat results in combustion. The old cars have wirings that can be chafed and exposed. As a result, electricity gets back to the battery resulting in overheating. Also, batteries can be quite problematic, and charging times cause a buildup of hydrogen gas. Ideally, even electric current results in sparks that can ignite fuel.

Engine Overheating

In rare cases, some vehicular fires are caused by an overheating engine. Although the fire does not start at the engine, the resulting pressure buildup can damage seals and joints near the engine. Therefore, when coolant or oil lands on hot parts such as the exhaust.

Issues in Exhaust System

Inner surfaces of the exhaust system can become quite hot. When leaks occur in the system, the heat shields can become discarded or damaged. As a result, the fire starts. The catalytic converters can become quite hot, and if the car is parked near dry grass, it can start the fire.

Spilling Fluids

vehicle burningIt is vital to note that there are different fluids used by the car. These include engine oil, coolant, braking fluids, fuel, and more. Unfortunately, all those fluids can easily catch fire. Therefore, there is a need to inspect all tubes where the fluids are running. If these fluids get too hot parts, then a fire is likely to start.

Car Crashes

Some vehicular collisions result in fires. However, this is quite rare because modern vehicles have protective systems for sensitive parts. The extent of the crash matters in this case. For instance, if the crash results in the spilling of flammable fluids, then it can cause a fire.

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Top 4 Benefits Of GPS Vehicle Tracking

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite navigation operation designed to receive data from satellites. GPS tracking makes use of elements of both location and time to provide accurate data points for the user. Hence, gps vehicle tracking involves placing a GPS device on a vehicle. This device will gather information regarding the location of the vehicle and sends it to a central position. Therefore, the person at the central location can analyze the information and determine the exact location of the vehicle at a particular time. Furthermore, you can also know the exact route followed by the vehicle. Therefore, this write-up is intended to give you the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking.


You incur some costs for every minute your vehicle is on the road. Hence, with GPS tracking, you can monitor all your vehicles remotely. When you carefully monitor your vehicles, you acquire vital information to make informed decisions that will help you make necessary adjustments and boost efficiency.

Furthermore, GPS tracking will deter your drivers from making unnecessary pit stops or idling while on the job. You can also acquire necessary information to choose more efficient routes hence save you a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, with GPS tracking, be sure to lower overall overhead costs and increase your bottom line.

Reduce insurance premiums

Insurance is a big cost for you especially if you own a large fleet. Many insurance companies provide a discount to all vehicle owners who have installed a vehicle tracking system. You will get a discount because with the monitoring system; you encourage safer driving as well as easy recovery of the vehicle if stolen. Therefore, if you want to reduce the cost of insurance premiums, start by installing vehicle tracking systems to all your vehicles.

Improved vehicle maintenance

many trucks Vehicle tracking devices can be plugged into your vehicle`s analytics so as to maintain accurate records of vehicle usage. Hence, with accurate records showing vehicle usage, it will be easy to follow a maintenance schedule. Furthermore, vehicle tracking gives the power to monitor the location of the vehicle.This can be used to verify whether it was taken to a service station or not. Improved maintenance will help prolong the life of your vehicle.

Allow you to monitor the speed of your vehicles

Drivers make unnecessary errors on the road when they are not being monitored. They can choose to drive irresponsibly and cause an accident .It can hurt them, the pedestrians or other road users. Furthermore, an accident could cause severe damages to the inventory being transported. Therefore, a vehicle tracking system will you to monitor your vehicles to be sure that they are being driven within the recommended speed limits.